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National Data Network Infrastructure Services

National Capabilities

At PCC Network Solutions, it’s more than industry knowledge and industry standards that large clients rely on. They count on our reputation as a business partner that will always look out for their best interests. That commitment enables our clients to focus on their business, and they trust us to develop solutions that empower them to be successful. Our national network infrastructure services allow us to help any business in the country improve their data network infrastructures.

PCC serves clients with multiple facilities situated in major cities across the United States. Where PCC has physical local resources, we self-perform most of the work. Otherwise we engage a data base comprising hundreds of highly competent, proven subcontractors throughout the U.S. Each is chosen with the Customer’s requirements in mind.

Our customers rely on us to deliver consistent services even if multiple facilities and data centers are vastly different in size and configuration.


At PCC Network Solutions, our expertise includes design & engineering, project management, installation, and ongoing maintenance – all available from any of our regional offices. When we are asked to extend our services in other locations; trusted, qualified, certified subcontractor partners are managed by a PCC Project Manager, your single point of contact, to perform the field work according to your specifications. For our clients, it means aesthetic consistency, common labeling schemes/naming conventions, identical testing parameters and formatted test results, and other as-built documentation, including CAD drawings and interconnection tables.


We take pride in helping our customers create greater budgetary leverage by bundling forecasted material/equipment expenditures. PCC works aggressively with manufacturers and distributors to negotiate cost-effective pricing proportional to the demonstrated or forecasted volume requirements. Since data networkinfrastructure typically comprises less than 10% of the total IT budget, it rarely gets focused attention. Additionally, this is an area of cost savings often overlooked by companies with less experience than PCC. It’s just one more way we exceed expectations with our national network infrastructure services.


Every PCC office location can provide a consistent breadth of capabilities with results that are extremely efficient and affordable for our clients. Our goal is to make everything, including data centers, main distribution frames, telecommunication rooms, and workstation locations/outlets maintain a consistent look, feel, and documentation characteristics. PCC leverages our leading manufacturer partner programs to engage local subcontractors of like size, capability, and competency to expertly complete the work. Local representatives from manufacturers and distributors are consulted to confirm the best-trained, most reputable contractors for the project. Ultimately, all our customers’ needs become the responsibility of PCC. It all adds up to a solution that gives our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the work and service they get is unmatched in quality and value.

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Communication Support Services | Rapid Dispatch Network Infrastructure Solutions

At PCC Network Solutions, our Rapid Dispatch Communications Support Services provide prompt response for immediate network infrastructure requirements. This might be a few new cable runs, or a som wireless access points or maybe a TV monitor mounted in the lobby. Perhaps you have personnel working from home and they need the spare bedroom outfitted to support their work requirements? Our team of experienced professionals completes all projects efficiently and expertly.

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